The Deeper Truth; are you truly engaged in life?

The silence.. The stillness within.

It’s so nourishing to feel the space that you are. Breathing in, breathing out. As I am writing this blog, I feel the warmth of the sun, the softness of my couch. Just. Being. Present. Here. Now. Feeling alive, soft and pleasant on all levels of my being.  

The greatest gift you can give yourself is living life with attention. It will awaken you to your deepest truth and breaks you free from the illusion of fear.

Are you engaged in Life? Probably, your answer is yes. You enjoy the little thing is life, the sun shining, the birds singing, fresh food available. You are engaged in your meditation practices, you are on flow with your soul’s mission… But may I ask you, are you truly engaged in Life?

Are you aware of your breathing right now, while you’re reading this? Did you go to the bathroom today and did you noticed how magnificent your body does its work? Have you noticed how accurate your body moves when you walk to the kitchen and grab a glass of water to hydrate yourself?

Having so much attention to these futile thing have enhanced my quality of Life immeasurably. Almost like entering a new reality. Being aware of the moment that is in front of you is true engagement in Life. You are aware of your Life energy and the energy of Life, which is super powerful. You touch eternity, because there is no attention on time of focusing on doing stuff for the future or processing things of the past.

 I invite you to be still, now. Just a few seconds of soft awareness. Just be.. for a moment.. and you’ll enter the realm of true fulfillment.